Reservation Management

Custom Built On Going Solutions Based on Your Demand & Availability

Hotel Sales Reservation Management

Improve your client experience and response quality with our Dedicated Reservation Management Team

Digital Marketing

Tailor Powerful Strategist for boosting Brand Awareness and driving qualify traffic through your website

Our goal is to fill your rooms with direct website bookings at the best possible rate!


Drive targeted, qualified traffic to your website's landing pages


Increase occupancy, focusing on direct reservations


Re-engage visitors to bring them back to your website


Raise your brand awareness

Total revenue generated
Clients helped
Total ad spend

Our Strategy

  • Capture more direct reservations from people already looking for your brand with Google search campaigns.
  • Get more business by finding guests who are looking for accommodations in Costa Rica that match your property.
  • Re-engage potential guests with Google Network Ads and Facebook Retargeting (in-market advertising)

Overview Of Our Key Services


We'll professionally manage your reservations and sales inquiries - emails, live chat, social media, and OTA - 8am to 6pm, seven days a week, including holidays.


Ensure optimal pricing based on occupancy and seasonal trends.

OTA Management

Maintain prices, photos, clients, sales & representative meetings, etc..

What else will we do for you?

Website Management

Content, blog posts, maintenance, backups, software updates, and hosting issues.

Digital Media Management

Google Ads, Google Hotel Ads, Facebook Ads & Pages, TripAdvisor.

Graphic Design

Digital ad and website copy, hotel signage, banners, menus, etc.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Mailers to subscribers, past guests, and agencies.

Digital Tool Administration

Gmail, Simple Booking, Channel Manager, PMS, etc.

Work closely with your staff and management

Coaching, implementing the best business practices to ensure maximization of sales and customer satisfaction.