Our Services

We collaborate with your business to create marketing solutions that deliver powerful results.

The most important thing about digital marketing is that your business be front and center when customers are in shopping mode.

Reservations Management

Our dedicated team of reservations specialists will professionally manage your reservations and sales inquiries - all emails, live chat, social media, and OTA inquiries from prospective customers - between 8am and 6pm, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

You'll be able to count on our experienced team to fill your rooms while your in-house staff focus on what they do best: make on-site guests happy.


Revenue Management

Our revenue management infrastructure is designed to ensure optimal pricing for your property based on occupancy levels and seasonal trending.

If you are looking into ways to optimize your revenue, reduce work for your management team, and save more on OTA fees, we’re for you.


OTA Management

Due to the nature of platform policies, online travel agency customers can be more challenging, which is why we'll do our best to divert prospective guests to direct booking whenever possible.

OTA websites can also be confusing and frustrating to configure optimally. We'll look after prices, photos, client interactions, sales & representative meetings, etc.


Our Management Fees

Our goal is to bring you as many direct bookings as possible. Therefore, we have established fees that provide real incentive to do just that:

  • Our management fee is comprised of a fixed percentage of your total direct bookings and smaller percentage of OTA bookings (less OTA commissions and media spend - you won't pay our fees on top of their fees).
  • All campaigns are inspected, approved and monitored by the senior marketing director. Many of the hours involved are in the initial setup of the campaigns, software, training etc.
  • Fees to ClickAss Marketing are based on sales results. Our experience shows that all marketing efforts compound and will continue to improve over time.

Our Committment to You

Ultimately a relationship between a marketing company and a client relies on mutual trust. ClickAss Tourism Marketing commits to all of our clients the following:

  • Information obtained in managing your account and working with your people will remain absolutely confidential, while we manage your account and  and in perpetuity.
  • We will maintain transparency when engaging clients where it is mutually felt there is direct competition.
  • We will never use client properties (websites, traffic, email addresses, servers, etc.) for any other purpose than the management of your account.
  • We operate in full compliance with Costa Rican tax laws, including providing electronic invoices.

Are you ready to increase your direct bookings?