Let’s Talk Tourism: Jim Damalas

Let’s Talk Tourism is a new series of videos from Namu Travel Group founder and CEO Casey Halloran. In the series, Casey talks to movers, shakers, and experts in Costa Rican (and Central American) tourism. His goal is determine the state of the industry during the current pandemic and beyond.

Episode 4: Lets Talk Tourism with Jim Damalas, CEO & Founder of Greentique Hotels

This week Casey catches up with Jim Damalas a true Eco-Tourism Industry Leader here in Costa Rica. Jim has been in Costa Rica since 1989 and founded Greentique Hotels. The hotels deliver wonderful experiences that connect you to the magic of nature, and to the warm, good nature of Costa Rica’s people, culture, and the ubiquitous, easy rhythm of life in the tropics that is “Pura Vida.”


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