About Us

A small team helps us deliver excellent service to our clients with a personal touch.

Together We Are Stronger


I spent 25 years in the business of advertising and marketing in North America. Now, after 13 years of living in Costa Rica, I have realized there are many companies here that can benefit from our marketing knowledge and improve upon their success. After all these years, I still love the industry and do this work as a way of promoting tourism in Costa Rica.

Personally, I also feel fulfilled by helping others hone their skills. I have even mentored junior marketers who are interested in the field. My vision is to have an agency that is dedicated to a small number of clients that have synchronicity and are successful in their respective areas of business. I am a strong believer in strategic working relationships. I do not believe in competition, but co-opetition.”

Colin Brownlee
Founder & Strategy Director

The ClickAss Advantage

Some of the perks of working with us.


Certified Google
Premier Partner.

Over 15 years combined experience in working with Google AdWords.

Small team dedicated to constantly reviewing and optimizing your campaigns.

A/B testing to see which ads perform better.

Monthly update reports with changes, spending & progress.

Data integrity: all accounts and data are property of the client.

Budgeting suggestions

Our Values

This is how we see things



“Together we are stronger” means working cooperatively with strategic partners in order to achieve common goals. Building a marketing company with this vision in mind means that everyone benefits.



Click Ass Marketing is about going off the beaten path. It takes innovation and creativity to be stay ahead of the game. We think the proof is in the pudding and that the results will speak for themselves.



We strive for excellence by providing effective marketing solutions that translate into real world sales. Working within your budget requirements, every dollar spent is accounted for on monthly reports.



Over 30 years combined experience makes our team versatile enough to tackle any project with success. We have no problem telling our clients what we think works, what doesn’t, and why.



We don't believe in competition. We think that there is enough opportunity for everyone to have their fair share. It's a matter of knowing your target market and reaching them at the right time.

Our Talented Crew

A small team helps us deliver excellent service to our clients with a personal touch.

Colin Brownlee

Founder & Strategy Director

For over 25 years Colin has been deep in the advertising world. He once managed large ad budgets in Canada and is still one of the board members of Pink Triangle Press in Toronto.

Ernesto Calderon

General Manager

Ernesto has extensive experience in the tourism and hospitality industry, focused on customer service, coordinating tours, reservations, and multi-day packages. He is now using his years of managing skills to elevate ClickAss Marking to the next level!

Edwin Salazar

Graphic Designer

Edwin has the creativity and experience to spice up any project. He has designed logos for new companies, brochures to promote existing ones and menus for restaurants.

Edward Parker

Web & IT Collaborator

An exciting decade of helping to grow a software/marketing company from startup to industry leader gave Edward a taste for entrepreneurial thrill. A sociable nerd at heart, he likes to read, write, and travel - all at the same time, whenever possible.

Orlando Parra

Marketing Strategist







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