Will ‘Revenge Travel’ Bring More Canadians to Costa Rica?

In Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper recently, Jody Robbins speculated on Canadians’ strong desire to travel after a long, cold winter of pandemic-induced isolation, anticipating a post-COVID ‘Revenge Travel’ surge.

“After a year of domestic drudge, who among us hasn’t fantasized about sipping a tropical cocktail on a golden sweep of sand? According to industry experts, we’re set to see an unprecedented amount of travel as soon as we’re allowed to do more than fantasize about it,” says Robbins.

“According to DCI’s travel survey, 63 per cent of respondents reported they were most interested in a beach getaway post-COVID, with a focus on meaningful, outdoor experiences.”

Costa Rican tourism providers longing to fill under-occupied rooms might see this as a sign that now is a good time to resume marketing to Canadian travellers.

Source: Revenge travel is coming after a year of pent-up demand by Jody Robbins, The Globe and Mail, March 12, 2021 (paywall).

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