COVID Test to Enter US: What You Need to Know in Costa Rica

James Dyde at has assembled a useful information sheet that will help you to navigate the new COVID-19 test rules and help your customers to follow them with the least amount of stress, whether you’re in Costa Rica or elsewhere in Central America. You can read James’s full article on

As you’ve probably heard, the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) this month has begun to require that all international air travellers flying into the United States present a negative COVID test prior to boarding a flight. United States citizens are not exempt from this policy. (A similar rule has been implemented in Canada).

This news complicates things for tourism providers in Costa Rica, who depend heavily on the United States as a source of customers, as potential travellers may think twice about booking holidays. As providers, we therefore may wish to proactively address the situation in promotional materials or marketing campaigns. At the very least, we should be prepared to answer questions from prospective clients and assure them that obtaining a test should not be an impediment to a successful holiday.

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