Will Costa Rica Survive or Thrive in the future?

Struggling with many issues, Costa Rica is clearly at a crossroads. Will our country survive or thrive in the future?

In one direction lies the the route of many Latin American countries: the possibility of spiralling into a quagmire of social unrest, infestation with criminal elements, a devastated economy, and a deeply divided citizenry.

In the other direction, however, is a road to the most amazing opportunity of a century. CRTN invites not only those in the tourism industry, but all businesses, citizens, residents, and institutions to watch this short piece from CNN and then take some time to reflect and think about what is possible:

Costa Rica already enjoys an image of leadership in areas of environmental practices and policies combined with high social index ratings for developing countries in their category. Imagine what true and real sustainability could look like. How can we re-shape society to ensure that more people benefit from the best health, education, business and career opportunities?

Yes, the road ahead will be bumpy for a while yet. But, if we contemplate on and focus on what is possible, we can create a future that will give us the foundations we need to not only address – but thrive despite – the many challenges we face.

Depiction of a future Singapore community. Photo: Housing & Development Board - via CNN
Photo: Housing & Development Board – via CNN

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